February 2019 New Fiction


RP = Regular Print                                                       LP = Large Print

Mitch Albom                         The Next Person you Meet in Heaven                           RP/LP

Alan Bradley                         Golden Tresses of the Dead                                           RP/LP

Marc Cameron                     Tom Clancy: Oath of Office                                               RP/LP

Linda Costello                      Gathering of Secrets                                                       RP/LP

Frederick Forsyth                Fox                                                                                    RP/LP

Tana French                          Witch Elm                                                                          RP/LP

Terry Goodkind                    Siege of Stone                                                                  RP/LP

Hank Green                          An Absolutely Remarkable Thing                                    RP

John Grisham                      Reckoning                                                                        RP/LP

Mary Jane Harper                Lost Man                                                                          RP/LP

Barbara Kingsolver             Unsheltered                                                                    RP/LP

George R. Martin                 Fire and Blood                                                                 RP/LP 

Madeline Miller                    Circe                                                                                 RP/LP

Kate Morton                          Clockmaker’s Daughter                                                 RP/LP

Haruki Murakami                  Killing Commendatore                                                   RP/LP

Kate Morton                          Clockmaker’s Daughter                                                RP/LP

Preston & Child                     Verses for the Dead                                                      RP/LP

Anne Rice                               Prince Lestat & the Realms of Atlantis                       RP/LP

Patrick Senecal                     Seven Days                                                                      RP

Stuart Woods                        Delicate Touch                                                                RP/LP

Stuart Woods                        Desperate Measures                                                     RP/LP